Foodie finds: Braidwood

Things have been a bit hectic recently, so I’ve been on a blogging hiatus. However, last weekend Phoenix and I went on a road trip and in the process  made a few delicious discoveries.


The first stop on our food journey (and the first “Foodie find” post): the historic town of Braidwood.

Braidwood View


Braidwood is a haven of historic buildings and colonial-era charm. Being situated half-way between Canberra and the NSW South Coast, it’s long been a favourite driver reviver stop for Canberra locals.  In particular, Canberrans are keen on the Braidwood Bakery, a large and affordable country bakery in the middle of town with friendly service, handy bathrooms (for that break in travel) and all your country bakery favourites.

Needing a rest stop, and keen on some breakfast, Phoenix and I made sure to stop in on the way to the coast last weekend. Since it was a long weekend, the bakery was packed with out-of-towners. (Given the number of staff on hand, this is a usual occurence.) We stocked up on coffee and baked goods with the rest of the throng. Refreshed, we were ready to continue our journey when we made an excellent discovery.


Dojo Bread is located in an old cottage tucked around the corner from the better-known Braidwood bakery. We wouldn’t have noticed it but for the constant stream of locals heading in, and packing out the small space. We simply had to investigate, and found a paradise of artisanal breads, with sourdough, rye and spelt in abundance. The range wasn’t big, but it was clear from both the crowd and the smells that we were in the presence of true quality bread.

The Bakery

Worth more than a look



Despite our full belies, we purchased two golden pies for a later lunch – without so much as asking what was in them. When we finally had the chance to consume them some hours later, they were revealed to contain a delicious beef and red wine casserole, still delicious despite several hours in the back of the car. We resolved to return.


Sadly, on our return we’d missed the bakery’s opening hours. However, on our way through town I’d noticed a very sweet-looking cottage advertising itself as a restaurant and bar. We wandered down the main street to investigate and found it open, warm and welcoming. TorPeas (next to Torpy’s Guesthouse) turned out to be a real gem. A roaring wood fire kept things toasty, while the friendly yet unassuming waiter/owner recommended wines and brewed coffee. His wife, the outstanding chef, brought us our hearty Sunday roast and rich stew, all affordable yet delicious. Another unmissable Braidwood food spot.

Warm, welcoming and worth a detour.