Nearly nautical

When combining existing households, it’s always a challenge to mix the contributors’ styles into a harmonious whole.

In a recent move, I brought with me my beloved Delta Storage sofa (with ottoman) in deep heathery grey. The carpet in the property was new and lush, but it too was dark – this time a chocolatey grey. At the same time, my housemate’s parents were keen to redecorate their own home, and sent us their large, ornate mahogany sideboard, dining table and coffee table.   All of it was lovely, but incoherent in combination. Worse still, with so many large, dark, imposing pieces in a relatively small apartment, the only logical furniture setup in the lounge made the room dark, dreary and uninviting.

A new colourscheme was necessary to lift the tone and mood.

The throw cushions I’d had on the couch in a previous home were teal with silver, but well overdue for an update. The easiest way to lift the room would be to replace them, and with something warm and/or vibrant.

Red to the rescue! Or more precisely, a modern almost-nautical look with lashings of red (throw, small cushions), navy & white, and white & taupe. I avoided ropes, anchors and waves – while fun, we’re a long way from the beach and it would only appear kitsch so far out of context. A few candles and other spots of light around the room, and it went from dreary and mismatched to modern, cosy and inviting.

Watch list

Jacqui E “Kristen Colour Block Dress” AUD $149.95

After the other day’s posts on spring brights, particularly emerald and cobalt, I’ve been seeing lovely blues, greens, yellows and fuschias everywhere. (As well as pastels, which I mostly find pretty on other people.) However, I have a holiday coming up and am being all fiscally responsible by refusing to buy anything non-holiday essential. For me this month, insect repellent is in, and pretty new clothes are out.

Which was all well and good until I tried on this dress. It fit to a tee (not my usual experience at Jacqui E, their usual fit model must be differently-proportioned to me), looks to be good as both workwear and casual attire, and has all my favourite shades of blue. Sure, prints are being touted as overtaking colourblocking this season, but I’m one for the classic, non-fussy look.

So this one’s on my watch list. If it’s still around after my trip, it may well be mine. (And perhaps on sale by then, too?)

Spring brights: Cobalt

It’s midwinter here in Canberra, which of course has me longing for spring brights. Since spotting (and buying) a fabulous bright blue work skirt (with pockets) on sale from Veronika Maine, I’ve been seeing cobalt everywhere. Here are a few of my current faves:

David Lawrence, AUD $449

Jigsaw, AUD $199 (I love the feel & look of this one, but the neckline just doesn’t work on yours truly. Shame – it would be outstanding with the pants & skirts that follow!)

Cropped Jean

Trenery, AUD $99

Image 1 of ASOS Laptop Case With Metal Bar

ASOS, AUD$22.83

David Lawrence, AUD $119

Image 1 of Coast Pleat Bandeau Dress

Coast at ASOS, AUD $189.20

Image 1 of Hybrid Plunge Neck Peplum Pencil Dress

Hybrid at ASOS, AUD $138.64


Betts, AUD $39.99

Isn’t this colour delightfully fresh?

I’m very much in love with my cobalt skirt, as it really brightens a cold winters’ day. I’m currently styling it with a black linen blazer (similar to this one) and crisp white shirt (and patterned black stockings), but the blazer and shirt combo would look equally clean with the more relaxed cobalt jeans.

Food for thought!