Nearly nautical

When combining existing households, it’s always a challenge to mix the contributors’ styles into a harmonious whole.

In a recent move, I brought with me my beloved Delta Storage sofa (with ottoman) in deep heathery grey. The carpet in the property was new and lush, but it too was dark – this time a chocolatey grey. At the same time, my housemate’s parents were keen to redecorate their own home, and sent us their large, ornate mahogany sideboard, dining table and coffee table.   All of it was lovely, but incoherent in combination. Worse still, with so many large, dark, imposing pieces in a relatively small apartment, the only logical furniture setup in the lounge made the room dark, dreary and uninviting.

A new colourscheme was necessary to lift the tone and mood.

The throw cushions I’d had on the couch in a previous home were teal with silver, but well overdue for an update. The easiest way to lift the room would be to replace them, and with something warm and/or vibrant.

Red to the rescue! Or more precisely, a modern almost-nautical look with lashings of red (throw, small cushions), navy & white, and white & taupe. I avoided ropes, anchors and waves – while fun, we’re a long way from the beach and it would only appear kitsch so far out of context. A few candles and other spots of light around the room, and it went from dreary and mismatched to modern, cosy and inviting.